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عِشْق) الحب – I Love Magic Spells: Get a Magic Spell That Really Works

My spells are based on Ilm al horuf (science of letters): the art of permutation and combination known as Temurah in jewish tradition and then awfaq : magical squares which belong to old civilizations (Enoch),and practised by famous arab occult teachers especially Ahmed ben Ali Ali Buni,Ibn Arabi and Al Ghazali.
These kind of spells are secret and complicated and they have powerful effects.
Love spells are often requested nowadays so here are some examples of spells i can do for you:

*Reunit lovers and separated partners (even divorced).

*Cause your lover, ex or a friend to fall irresistibly
in love with you.

*Find your true soul mate and get married .

*Heal a broken heart.

* Powerful protection spells (rare spells

* Healing spells.

* Spell for general purpose.

Prices are negotiable, and depend on the complexity of the situation.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comment you are welcome.

If you are interested in one of my services please contact me first to analyze your situation and then will recommend the type of spell that will suit your case.

Free powerful love and attraction spell!

The majority of our corpus material is written in Arabic and Persian. However, our practices go back to the ancient Magi of Chaldea, and that is truly where the spiritual heart of our corpus lies. Our sources were written by Arabian occultists, such as al-Buni, Ibn Arabi, and many others, in the Middle Ages. These Arabic masters make heavy mention of Hebrew writing, Hermetic lore, and Babylonian and Chaldean teachings. Our craft is not really restricted to one semitic tribe or language, as the legacy and wisdom of the Magi permeated the entire region.

• Email:profmamaaishah1@gmail.com
• Tel: +27761882819

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